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We know that we weren’t the only ones who loved Connie. Heck, everyone she met loved her. We would love to hear a fun story, a sweet memory, or how she touched your life.

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8 thoughts on “Share a Story About Connie”

  1. Thank you, Mom. When I was 16 years old in high school and got the opportunity for a job after school, you lent me a dress and shoes to go on the interview, and then drove me there and waited for two hours. I got the job—afternoon receptionist at the front desk of a tech company making better than minimum wage. The really big gift was that you gave up your afternoons to drive me to work every weekday for a year. You never complained about the lunches you missed with friends, or how it broke up your day, or the time it took. You always greeted me with a smile and you even let me drive your car for extra practice. At the end of that year, I had enough saved to buy my first car. I had valuable work experience. I had new confidence that carried me to the next job, and the next. You have always given me encouragement, shown confidence in me, and loved me unconditionally. I will miss you far beyond words.

  2. I always loved visiting Connie in Florida every year or as often as possible. We just shared a lot of wonderful times together, watching movies, going out to eat, swimming in the pool and shopping. Lots of shopping! We would either go out to the movies, or watch movies at home. She used to ask if I would like a little ice cream. Every year, I say “no”, and then a few minutes later, she would bring me some anyway. She would say “you know I don’t eat ice cream alone.” I always enjoyed it anyway. She always seemed to be very happy when I came down to visit, so I kept coming (like the ice cream she kept bringing). We enjoyed each others company so much. Love you Connie, miss you.

  3. It is always a treat when any family of Elaine and Bruce attend Our Saviour, and visits from Connie were no different. I loved how open she was to us and able to receive the love our little Lutheran church could share. I loved the stories of movie nights and always wished I had a chance to watch old movies with her. Most importantly, I so thank Connie for building Elaine into the beautiful woman of God that she is and for somehow playing a role in guiding Bruce and Elaine to find us. A blessing even from a distance, over time, outside of normal venues–that’s Contance, a blessed child of God. Eternal peace grant unto her, O Lord, and may light perpetual shine upon her. Amen.

  4. Connie entered my life the day I married her brother, Leo Paul. She was the 1st relative he took me to visit. He loved her so much, Connie taught Lee how to dance. (Thank you).Loving Connie was easy, Missing her will be difficult.

  5. Connie’s daughter Elaine invited me to lunch when I started a new job at her company, and I had no idea what a special friendship that lunch would launch, or that I’d gain four ‘sisters’. One of the biggest perks of friendship with Connie’s daughters has been the gift of getting to know Connie. || I remember having breakfast at her house once, and she asked if I wanted grapefruit (I did), so she proudly told me to go out and pick one off the tree! She was so amused that this was a complete novelty to this non-Floridian, and the best grapefruit I have ever tasted. It probably sounds strange, but I think of her every time I have grapefruit and none I’ve had since have ever measured up to hers. It’s been such a treat to be able to spend time with this genuine, warm, welcoming, fun, thoughtful, and loving person. Her smile absolutely lit up every place she entered. You’re all so lucky to have known, loved, and to get to call this extraordinary lady ‘mom’. I enjoyed talking about old movies with her and thinking of her brings to mind the lyrics of Ira and George Gershwin, “the way your smile just beams … no, no, they can’t take that away from me.” – Sending hugs to your family at this time.

  6. Among my fondest memories of Connie were meeting up at Elaine and Bruce’s home in Warrenton during the holidays. It was always a special time of year filled with good food and laughter. And we always expected to see Connie there. She would come downstairs, hair and makeup always flawless, a completely coordinated outfit, and a sparkle in her eye. She would often sit at the kitchen table and engage in lively banter while I attempted to make myself useful helping Elaine put the finishing touches on a meal. Her wit and humor were unmatched.

    Just this past year Connie and I were chatting about hair (and the evolution of mine over the years). We both rocked a short haircut and she remarked about my natural curls and the effort she had to put forth for to style her own coif. It’s important to note that this was also a particularly stylish moment where she was wearing the cutest colorful shoes that complemented a vibrant pant set. Just reflecting on moments like these makes me smile.

    She was one of those women whose presence brought so much joy to those around her. I know how much of a void she now leaves physically, but she will always have a very fond space in my heart. I know without a doubt that Steve and my Mom (Ramona) agree as a result of the time they were able to share with her too.

    Thank you, Connie, for being a wonderful light in the world. Rest well.

  7. For the past 20 years, Connie has come in and out of my family’s lives. For baby showers, birthdays and holidays, she brought a charm and glow to every occasion. She was life. I personally will miss seeing you Connie whenever I see Elaine and Bruce. My family, the Bruno’s and the Livermon’s, wishes your whole family the peace to always know that her spirit will live on. She was an amazing woman that touched so many lives.

  8. I have only known Connie for 3 years. Her son John and I are friends. She was such a caring sweet woman. I really enjoyed the short amount of time I had knowing her.

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